Friday, May 27, 2011

Morgan's Concerts

Every year the jazz band, and more recently the select choir, preform for the 4th and 5th graders; to show them what the programs are like. First up is Morgan in the jazz band.

With this next song the group was showing the younger kids how you can play one song in two different styles.

Every year the jazz band, and more recently the select choir, go to the elementary school and give a performance for the younger kids so they can see what the programs are like. The actual Middle School Choir has about 80 kids in it. This group is just easier to transport =P.

Every year the Middle School Choir director (my friend from high school =P) lets the kids pick one song to write the vocals and instrumentals too. They present their song to the group and explain why, musically, it would be a good song to pursue. The kids then vote and if everyone, director included, agrees they get to write out the vocals, piano, and any other instrumental parts. Then they preform the song at the last concert. The song they choose this year is 'Firework' by Katy Perry.

And last Morgan's actual concert for the parents that evening. I unfortunately only got his jazz songs because my camera died =(.

Coming Soon

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shannon's Birthday!

Shannon turned 18 yesterday!
Yes that is a birthday hat and just so you know, those glasses have candles on the top and say happy birthday.

The lovely family

I realized to late that I was out of wrapping paper, so I got creative with some plastic grocery bags.
She loved her present, 1st season of Dexter, regardless. And before anyone judges us, her big gift was a shopping spree at the mall. Don't judge it's not nice =P.
The last picture I got before I ran away to Morgan's concert was a pic of our favorite birthday girl serving her own cheesecake; she just couldn't wait for the rest of us. =P (plus birthday flowers in the background)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

And Some More Flooding....

Just a few pictures of the flood we had last month.

That's right, it's a cow

That poor little park gets owned every time the river floods

That was taken as Shannon and I were driving, no zoom required

Sorry for the blurriness, Shannon wanted to stop, but I wanted to be able to get over the bridge before it closed. Didn't want to make that phone call 'Hi mom, remember how I said I was just going to the store; well I took a detour, one thing lead to another, and I'm stuck on the wrong side of the bridge.' No thank you.

Lent/Easter Bulletin Board

Again sorry this is getting up so late. This is the board I had up at the church for the Lent season.

The small spots of color have other names on them as well.

And here is the Easter board!

and just for the South Park fans....

Morgan's Birthday!

Sorry this is getting up so late, April was a crazy month. This month is kinda crazy too but there are no finals and classes. Anyway, onto Morgan's 14 birthday!
We realized to late we had no candles, but matches make a good substitute. Fastest we've ever sang happy birthday too =P

Morgan got an Ipod Touch, he was so excited he was shaking; it was awesome.