Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Church Bulletin Board

I have taken on a mission, give my church a make over. It has been a slow process, mom helps on occasion and Brian does too (he doesn't really have a choice). It started about a year ago and one aspect of this is to change up the church, make it look 'up to date'. Meaning take down the newspaper clippings that are falling apart, along with anything else that dates back over 10 years ago. You would be surprised at the amount of things I had to get rid of. Part of the upkeep involved in this plan is changing a bulletin board regularly to display a new message.

This is the board I made for the past advent/christmas season. Not my best I won't lie, but you know the holidays can get pretty crazy. I did put a little more effort into the new year board or so I thought.

This is what happens when you cut out letters while watching American Dad, you miss a few. It should spell out 'kIck off the new year WITH Jesus'. Brian will never let it go. After some painful ridicule, tracing my missing letters, and lining the 'field' Brian and I were finally done.

Finished product!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Update part 3

So this will be the last post to bring everyone kinda sorta up to date. This is Christmas 2010! I'm sorry if the pictures are weird, I just got my first camera from Brian! So hopefully I'll be keeping you all up to date more often then once every 2 years.
This little guy is my Christmas tree! I know he is tiny, but this year it was all Brian and I were gonna do, with all our rushing around to family Christmas gatherings. My mom more than made up for my tiny, but awesome, Christmas tree.

After opening presents Morgan and Brian (my boyfriend) decide to have a nerf war, which is what landed Morgan in the boxes you see below. Those boxes, buy the way, contained my camera. I had to dig through 3 boxes, all wrapped, and tons of newspaper just to get to the camera. No one should ever have to work that hard for Christmas presents. But my revenge will be so sweet =P. (we are trying to talk Morgan into keeping those boxes and being Awesome-O for halloween, if you don't know Awesome-O its a south park thing)

Christmas at mom's, always a good time.

Update part 2

In Aug 2010 one of my best friends got married! it was a great wedding, everything turned out so beautiful. The entire day was a blast for everyone. It started out with all of us getting ready at Jenn's (the bride) house. While we got ready the flower girl (Jenn's niece) decided she wasn't done yet with breakfast.

After the morning breakfast adventure we journeyed on to the church, with a 3 year old hopped up on donuts. Of course her mother Myria (Jenn's big sister and maid of honor) would be kneeling with the bride, meaning that little sugared up flower girl was my responsibility during the ceremony, I was excited.

We made it through the ceremony with no break downs, towards the beginning Brianna (flower girl) almost cried but I managed to get her to go to sleep instead. Afterward it was off to the country club for our group pictures (which the boys were horrible late for) and the reception!

I could have given you all real pictures of us standing straight and looking oh so nice, but that just isn't us =), that and the boys worked real hard for that picture, whereas us girls were just sitting like that cause we were tired.

Overall the wedding was great and we all had a blast.

Update part 1

So it has been a while sine I last posted, over a year. My bad. Life was a little crazy last year and I was learning how to manage my time, it took me awhile, but I think I now got this time thing under control. Let me start with the summer of 2010.
I went to my boyfriends family reunion, camping for three days at his cousins farm. His family does this every year and its always themed, which was interesting. This past years theme was 'down on the farm', it was...I think I will stick with the word interesting. It was a great weekend! And yes, everyone at the reunion wore the same matching shirts.
Good old band season 2010. This year was great! Halloween was the same day as our championship competition, not so great. It started nice and early around 8/9am, at that point in time I was a pirate and Brian (the boyfriend) was a ninja. So naturally an epic battle ensued later in the day. If you ask any of the woodwind kids they will tell you that I totally won. The kids had a great time this year even though they placed 7 out of 8. They recognized that their overall score was better than last year and most told me that they accomplished their goal of not being last, band kids always being optimistic.