Friday, July 22, 2011

Watkins Glen Wine Festival 2011!

This year I went to a wine festival in Watkins Glen NY. Let me start out by saying it was awesome! The wine festival has over 90 wineries that attend from the NY Finger Lakes region and a few from Penn. Some friends and I decided to stay for both days so we turned it into a camping adventure. This is our camp site.

Below is a shot of some of the other campers. We are all camped out around the race track.
Lunch on our first day
Two beautiful girls! The lanyards have a holder on the bottom so you don't have to hold your complimentary wine tasting glass and risk dropping it. Got to go prepared when you start tasting wine at 10am and have the potential to be there till 5pm =)

That would be Jenn and me on our last day.... the sun was brutal, along with the hangover.
Just a glimpse of the inside of one of 4 wine tasting tents, they were packed with people. It was so much fun!
This was an awesome trip and on the plus side most of the wines I tried are sold right in my town for roughly the same price. As I told my friend Andy I can never live to far from NY Finger Lakes wine because my 10$ bottle of wine cost him 25$ (he is from Penn.). This will definitely become an annual trip.

Shannon's graduation and party!

The Family

The Cake

The wall-o-shannon

Believe it or not, that's our garage

From this point on i did NOT take these pictures. I had an irrational moment and trusted my camera with Shannon... I don't know what I was thinking...