Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Church Bulletin Board

I have taken on a mission, give my church a make over. It has been a slow process, mom helps on occasion and Brian does too (he doesn't really have a choice). It started about a year ago and one aspect of this is to change up the church, make it look 'up to date'. Meaning take down the newspaper clippings that are falling apart, along with anything else that dates back over 10 years ago. You would be surprised at the amount of things I had to get rid of. Part of the upkeep involved in this plan is changing a bulletin board regularly to display a new message.

This is the board I made for the past advent/christmas season. Not my best I won't lie, but you know the holidays can get pretty crazy. I did put a little more effort into the new year board or so I thought.

This is what happens when you cut out letters while watching American Dad, you miss a few. It should spell out 'kIck off the new year WITH Jesus'. Brian will never let it go. After some painful ridicule, tracing my missing letters, and lining the 'field' Brian and I were finally done.

Finished product!

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