Monday, January 3, 2011

Update part 2

In Aug 2010 one of my best friends got married! it was a great wedding, everything turned out so beautiful. The entire day was a blast for everyone. It started out with all of us getting ready at Jenn's (the bride) house. While we got ready the flower girl (Jenn's niece) decided she wasn't done yet with breakfast.

After the morning breakfast adventure we journeyed on to the church, with a 3 year old hopped up on donuts. Of course her mother Myria (Jenn's big sister and maid of honor) would be kneeling with the bride, meaning that little sugared up flower girl was my responsibility during the ceremony, I was excited.

We made it through the ceremony with no break downs, towards the beginning Brianna (flower girl) almost cried but I managed to get her to go to sleep instead. Afterward it was off to the country club for our group pictures (which the boys were horrible late for) and the reception!

I could have given you all real pictures of us standing straight and looking oh so nice, but that just isn't us =), that and the boys worked real hard for that picture, whereas us girls were just sitting like that cause we were tired.

Overall the wedding was great and we all had a blast.

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