Monday, January 3, 2011

Update part 3

So this will be the last post to bring everyone kinda sorta up to date. This is Christmas 2010! I'm sorry if the pictures are weird, I just got my first camera from Brian! So hopefully I'll be keeping you all up to date more often then once every 2 years.
This little guy is my Christmas tree! I know he is tiny, but this year it was all Brian and I were gonna do, with all our rushing around to family Christmas gatherings. My mom more than made up for my tiny, but awesome, Christmas tree.

After opening presents Morgan and Brian (my boyfriend) decide to have a nerf war, which is what landed Morgan in the boxes you see below. Those boxes, buy the way, contained my camera. I had to dig through 3 boxes, all wrapped, and tons of newspaper just to get to the camera. No one should ever have to work that hard for Christmas presents. But my revenge will be so sweet =P. (we are trying to talk Morgan into keeping those boxes and being Awesome-O for halloween, if you don't know Awesome-O its a south park thing)

Christmas at mom's, always a good time.

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