Monday, September 28, 2009

Marching Band Weekend 1

This weekend flew by and man was it chilly. It was the marching bands first weekend out and they did great! Friday was the first football game and between stand tunes and their field performance the kids did alot of playing, it kept them out of trouble. =P The kids really enjoyed themselves.
Warm up in the school parking lot
Waiting patiently to play for the football players as they enter the field
The kids waiting for a signal from my friend and fellow band instructor (the guy standing)
My little clarinet players =)

The next day was their first show in Oswego, NY! The day started at 9am (a little early for those of us that decided to stay up late hanging out) and went till around 1am. It was one of the windiest shows i have ever been to. Our poor color-guard spent half the show chasing the flags after tosses and trying to salvage the prop. We have a giant may pole like prop in the back of the field that got blown right over with in the first few minutes. The band handled the whole situation very well. For it being their first show it was ok, little bumpy, but most of it was first show jitters. There were mistakes i had never seen/heard before, was a little interesting. They placed 4 of 4, but for everyone that we competed against it was their 3rd show. The kids are going to have a lot of work ahead of them and they are ready to do it. Some kids have a ways to go, but they have some very enthusiastic leaders and instructors!
Some of my woodwinds show day!

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