Monday, March 21, 2011

All County Choir

For those who do not know, All County Choir is a choir of different age levels that kids in the county get to try out for. Only the best auditions make the groups. I say best auditions because just because a kid has the best audition doesn't mean they are the best kids from that school. Kids are busy these days and usually the best are also the busiest. This will be Shannon's last year for All County Choir. I personally did not go to this concert, I had a previous engagement in the form of a Mary Kay party/dinner. Which I planned before I knew about All County. I found out about All County about 12 hours before Shannon had to be there; thank you for the fair warning little sister. Well without further ado here are the songs my dad recorded in no particular order.

Blue Days

And this is what happens when Shannon doesn't try out for a solo....

Shadow of Your Smile

Georgia on My Mind

And the best for last...

I Don't Know Why

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