Monday, March 7, 2011


I woke up today around 6am. I'm not going to lie, I hardly ever see 6am; I'm a college kid still, so sue me. As I'm getting ready for class, not looking outside, my mom finally come up to me at about 8am and informs me I'm not going to class. I told her she is crazy and yes I am. She then tells me to look outside and this is what I see out my bedroom window.
Needless to say, classes where canceled. That is our driveway with my boyfriend's car in it. He also had a snow day from work. That bush marks the turn in the sidewalk that leads to the stairs that you can't see.

Mom tried to open the front door only to let the snow in. To give you an idea how much snow is there, we have a step up into our house. The crazy thing is yesterday, no snow. Not like, 'oh it didn't snow today thank goodness it won't add to what we have' or 'look at that not even flurries to cover up the snow and ice we already have'. No snow on the ground, it all melted, and then it started raining yesterday before the snow; it almost felt like spring...almost. Thank god we got someone to plow the driveway. Morgan, Brian (my boyfriend), and my self went outside to play naturally. I leave you with this amazing discovery we made and one warning, beware of snow monsters.

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