Monday, March 14, 2011

Evening Music Club

Last night Shannon and Morgan were both in the Monday Evening Music Club. Morgan in the middle school jazz ensemble and Shannon in both the madrigals and as Christine from Phantom of the Opera. Morgan's first tune was 'Old Devil Moon'.

Sorry they start so zoomed out, apparently in record mode I don't get to enjoy the full range of my camera's zooming capability. It takes me a few songs to figure it out unfortunately. In this last video Morgan is the shorter of the two alto saxes playing the duet. The next song is 'On Broadway'.

I didn't record it as one long performance because the jazz instructor Mr. Burke, who was my band teacher, talks...a lot. I loved having rehearsal with him because there was always a chance you might not even have to play your horn because he would talk for the entire rehearsal. A couple of things he did mention were that the songs he had the kids play were hard songs for middle school kids, possibly songs that a normal instructor would not chose; but the kids are doing great. Also the tenor sax player is a 6 grader, which is awesome. Without further rambling here is the last song 'Saint Thomas'. (Morgan has the alto sax solo)

Next starts Shannon's portion of the show. First is the madrigal choir. Shannon is the girl in the center back standing next to the tall guy. The following two videos are of 3 movements from Requiem.

Next are some songs from the High School musical. The musical this year is 'Phantom of the Opera' and Shannon is Christine! (in case you don't know that is the lead) First up is 'Music of the Night', in this song Shannon is just a 'prop'. She is in the scene in the musical, but doesn't have a speaking/singing part.

Next up is the 'Managers' Office'. Shannon is not in this one at all, but her friend from across the street(Malory) plays Carlotta (the girl that comes in screaming about a letter) and she is in this one.

In the 'Phantom of the Opera' there is a play called 'Il Muto' where Christine(Shannon) plays the part of The Page Boy, a silent role, and Carlotta(Malory) plays the part of the countess. So yet again Shannon has no speaking part, but if you are wondering why she is acting like a boy that's why. So here is 'Il Muto'.

Next up is Shannon and Dillon's duet! It's just amazing, so without further ado here is 'All I Ask of You'.

The last song is 'Masquerade'. One thing you don't get to see is the dancing and poses, which I hear are pretty cool. On a personal note this is my favorite song in the whole musical, the kids do a pretty good job.

Overall the concert was great. The kids are so talented. This song brings the concert and this post to end.

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