Sunday, March 13, 2011

Flooding Already

You can always look forward to a good spring flooding in this quiet little town, but this year it decided to be an 'end of winter' flood.

This lovely little river is usually low enough that you can stand on the pebble strewn bank and easily skip rocks to the other side. Oh yeah, and this time of year there is usually a small amount of ice, but not this year. The bridge in the bottom picture is currently closed. Lets take a look at other parts of town.

This is behind the high school and the parking lot that goes with the ball fields. In case you were curious where the river usually is; it would behind the tree line and down a bank. On a normal day you would not see the river in this picture or the seagulls. And now onto one last part of town.
That's right, it's the bus garage! Can't have pictures of flooding and leave this one out. The river is a) usually not in the parking lot and b) usually hiding back by the tree line past the field. It's been awesome. The best part, this was from yesterday, last night it rained, this morning it snowed, and there is still a fair amount of snow just laying around. All I have to say is thank goodness I live on a hill top. =)

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